A Couple of Videos

Casey Henry

I was trolling around on YouTube yesterday and I found a couple videos from past shows that we haven't yet posted here. The first one is from Kaufman Kamp in June 2010. It features myself and Tim May playing "I Am A Pilgrim" with Pat Flynn. I actually really like my break on the song, which was totally off-the-cuff, so I thought I would share it.

This second video is from the American Revival Tour in November 2009. I'm sitting in with Uncle Earl on what was typically the final number in their set. We do the breaks to the song in an old-timey way, that is, fiddle and banjo playing at the same time. Therefore it's not so much that I like my break on this song, but I do like my outfit!

2 thoughts on “A Couple of Videos

  1. martha carlton

    i like your break on ” I am a Pilgrim” very much. It was interesting to see how much you vamped during this song too. The other song with the fiddle was just OK, and there was no close up, so I could not see your great outfit.

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