Snow Day

Casey Henry

Today is a snow day here in Nashville. Schools are out not because we got a lot of snow (maybe two inches) but due to ice on the roads. I did not go down to the dentist office where I work part time for the same reason, but stayed home in the hopes of keeping my car (and myself!) damage free. It’s not that I don’t know how to drive in snow. Growing up in Virginia I had plenty of occasions to practice that. But Nashville drivers are absolute imbeciles in the snow (and the rain, for that matter). I heard that Interstate 40 was stopped for nine hours last night due to people sliding off the road. When it’s slick, SLOW DOWN!!

I was hoping to not have to leave the house at all, but I’m out of stamps, and I have DVDs to mail out. Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail will stop The Murphy Method from getting your lessons to you! So I’ll wait for the sun to melt some of the ice off the roads and then I’ll venture out to the post office. At this season I try and tell myself that standing in long post office lines is one of the special fun holiday things that I look forward to doing every year, like eating Trader Joe’s Peppermint Bark. Sometimes that works.

This post has nothing to do with banjo playing, but some posts are just like that, I guess. OH. I’ll refer you to my Christmas Music on the Banjo post from last year two years ago. And also this one, which has the link to the You Tube video of Earl playing “Jingle Bells,” which is a must-listen every year. That should fulfill my banjo content requirement!

3 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. Martin Bacon

    I have always thought that Nashville drivers are really bad. When I lived there, I thought that they must sell blinkers as optional equipment and seeing people drive in snow is ridiculous. I would watch them fly by me only for them to end up in a ditch on the side of the road a little further on. So stay safe and warm and have a Merry Christmas.

  2. Jim Hand

    We had a blizzard here in central Illinois (near Champaign) all day yesterday. I had 3-4 feet of snow in my driveway last night. Thankfully I have a snowblower!! Most schools in the area were closed today EXCEPT the community college where I work, but we are in finals week. And it isn’t just Nashville drivers, every year a lot of people here have to RELEARN how to drive in the snow.

  3. Dave Eisenhuth

    Well I hate to say it…… But
    It was 84 here today and we were complaining that it was not feeling much like Christmas with everyone wearing shorts. But at least we can still play the banjo out on the porch so to all my snow and ice bound friends ….. Wish you were here don’t ya

    Merry Christmas everyone

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