New Additions to Download Catalog

We've added nine more titles to our digital download catalog.  In addition to the titles that were already there you can now download the beginning DVDs for every instrument, as well as four additional banjo DVDs. Here's what's new:

Banjo for Misfits

Vamping: Beginning Banjo Backup

Improvising: The First Stage

Blackberry Blossom

Beginning Bass

Beginning Mandolin

Beginning Guitar

Beginning Dobro

Beginning Fiddle

2 thoughts on “New Additions to Download Catalog

  1. Steve (in Japan)

    Everybody’s waiting for you to add Improvising: The Second Stage. (Improvising is always such a fun topic. Almost as much fun as suggesting a title is.)

  2. Steve (in Japan)

    If you folks out there want to go back a little in time to see and listen to some great Smoky Mountain banjo sound then check out old Raymond Fairchild on Bluegrass on the Tube. You’ll watch a lesson or two on confidence. Whoa Mule!

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