You Read it Here First: Fast Jam With Murphy And Casey Now Available

Fast Jam with Murphy and Casey cover

You all will be the first to know that our BRAND SPANKIN' NEW DVD is ready and waiting for you to order it: Fast Jam with Murphy and Casey.

We previously wrote about filming it here.

Here are the songs that are on it: John Hardy, Lonesome Road Blues, Mama Don’t Allow, Little Maggie, When the Roll is Called Up Yonder, Salt Creek, Sally Goodwin, Uncloudy Day, Bill Cheatam, Cripple Creek, Whisky Before Breakfast, East Virginia Blues, Blackberry Blossom, I’m Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes, Turkey in the Straw, The Crawdad Song, What a Friend We Have in Jesus, Slewfoot, In the Pines, Hazel Creek, Old Spinning Wheel

It's not available via download quite yet, but should be in about three weeks or so.

If you happen to be coming to Banjo Camp North this weekend you can get your copy in person from Casey, because she'll have them with her there!

3 thoughts on “You Read it Here First: Fast Jam With Murphy And Casey Now Available

  1. susan

    Note : My husband (Bill) brought this DVD back to me from his bass lesson with Murphy the other evening. It was a late night for me, and I was headed to bed, but curiosity got the best of me, and I thought I’d put it in my 7″ personal DVD player and watch a tune or two before I crashed to see just how “fast” this jam would be. Twenty one songs and an hour later, I sat mesmerised at what really sounded like a concert of sorts. True, there were “holes” for a banjo student to play, but the musicianship was exquisite, and I ENJOYED every note of it. I certainly intend on grabbing my banjo and joining this “band” on many of these tunes, but only after a couple of hours of sleep! GREAT work as always, you Henrys! Don’t ever stop producing these lessons – they are “a balm in Gilliad,” which have more than several times healed this “sin-sick soul!” (Oh,oh…..I’m waxing Biblical!!)

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