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Casey Henry

So I'm here in Maryville, Tenn., for one more day. This morning we have all to ourselves because the campers are doing the band scramble. The previous years I've taught her at Kaufman Kamp I've been in charge of the Scramble, so had to get up extra early on this day. But I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying being able to get some work done in my room this a.m.

My concert spot was last night and I asked some absolutely wonderful people to accompany me: Jim Hurst on guitar, Andrew Collins on mandolin, Adam Masters on fiddle, and Kathy Chiavola singing harmony (she would have been playing guitar as well except that she broke her left hand and it's in a cast!). Jim, Kathy, and I had a great little trio going and we gave the campers some plain-old traditional bluegrass which, as it turns out, is not heard much on the concerts here. Here was the set list:

Wandering Boy

Turkey in the Straw (banjo-fiddle duet)

Weary Heart You Stole Away

Dixie Breakdown

East Virginia Blues

The audience here is great and pretty much loves everything everybody does. It always makes you feel good! No doubt pictures and/or videos of the songs will pop up on the internet. I'll post them when I find them.

Then a little later on in the night I played a banjo-fiddle tune medley with Stacy Phillips, who is teaching bluegrass fiddle this week. It was "Elzick's Farewell," "Farewell Trion," and "Tennessee Waggoner." (I'm not really sure about the spelling of any of those!) The first tune was in A minor, the second two in C. There was a funny little moment when I joined Stacy on stage. It was just the two of us, sitting kind of facing each other. As he was introducing me he said "I'd like to ask two people to accompany me on this next tune." In my head I was thinking, "But we only practiced it with just fiddle and banjo...who else is going to play...and there are only two chairs..." and then Stacy continued: "One of them doesn't do much, just gets carried around all day." And then I got it! He was talking about my Little Boy bump and it was really funny!

But the whole point of this post was supposed to be to post the instructor photos from the week, which are below (click on pictures for larger versions):

2011 Kamp Instructors

That's me in the front row between Janet and Gary. Front Row Left to Right: Janet Davis, Casey Henry, Gary Davis, Barry Mitterhoff 2nd Row: Mike Kaufman, Mike Witcher 3rd Row: Conny Ottway, Keith Yoder, Stacy Phillips, Kathy Chiavola, Jeff Scroggins 4th Row: Joel Landsberg, Jens Kruger, 5th Row: Jim Hurst, Emory Lester, Adam Masters, Andrew Collins 6th Row: Steve Kaufman, David Harvey Back 2 Rows: Ivan Rosenberg, Don Stiernberg, Jeff Jenkins, Uwe Kruger, Mark Cosgrove, Dan Crary, Clint Mullican, Alan Bibey and Beppe Gambetta

2011 Kamp Instructors (silly picture)

And here we are being silly. It was a couple years ago that we started doing a silly instructor picture. Don't know whose idea that was...

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