Bluegrass Onesies

Casey Henry

At one of my baby showers the party activity was onesie decorating. I was extremely impressed by everyone's artistic talent, which was much greater than my own! But a few weeks after the party I got a belated addition to this outstanding onesie collection from my friend and fellow banjo teacher Ned Luberecki. I had to declare it the most awesome onesie in the entire history of onesies. See the below and I think you'll agree:

Ned Luberecki's "No-Tab" Onesie

Ned Luberecki's "No-Tab" Onesie

In case you don't recognize what's in the middle of that Ghostbusters-like red circle (because I KNOW none of you have ever seen, much less USED it πŸ™‚ ), it is tablature (forward rolls...).

There were tons of other cute ones, but I'll limit myself to posting the bluegrass-related ones. The runners-up in the awesome onesie contest were these:

Kelley Luberecki's Onesie

Kelley Luberecki's Onesie

I told Kelley (the gracious party hostess) that she could produce these and sell them to numerous bluegrass parents/grandparents!

Connie Garrett's Onesie

Connie Garrett's Onesie

Connie is the clawhammer player for our informal and sporadic jam group At Least We're Hot. I was super impressed that the baby actually looks like a baby and you can totally tell he's crawling on the banjo head!

I think this one came from the hands of Rebecca Frazier.

I think this one came from the hands of Rebecca Frazier.

Rebecca (flatpicker extraordinaire) was super helpful to me in assembling my baby registry list. (Note the "H" on the peghead.)

This one is unsigned, but my guess is Missy Raines!

This one is unsigned, but my guess is Missy Raines!

This one is also annonymous.

This one is also annonymous.

And last but certainly not least, this one is courtesy of Missy Daley.

And last but certainly not least, this one is courtesy of Missy Daley.

Missy is married to Sim Daley, who makes mandolins, and she also threw in a little shout-out to Megan Lynch, whose FiddleStar logo you see there. Megan couldn't make the shower because she was hosting a kids fiddle camp at her house.

I can pretty much guarantee that you'll see more pictures of these outfits, occupied by a bouncing baby boy, at some point in the not-too-distant future, so stay tuned!

21 thoughts on “Bluegrass Onesies

  1. Connie

    I couldn’t believe it looked like a baby either! I got mad at the pre-sketch and thought I ‘d just go for it! I was taking a gamble that i’d just have to throw the thing away. Glad it turned out and glad you liked it! πŸ™‚

  2. missy raines

    This is so fun, Casey! Thanks for sharing these- Ned’s is pretty clever indeed- and my personal fav is Kelley’s. And, yes, the Future Bass Player is from me! Looking forward to meeting him! -missy

  3. Tam

    I thought I detected a little bump but I didn’t lile to ask..

    Congrat’s Casey and Granny Murphy

  4. Ned Luberecki

    I am truly honored that my onesie was chosen as most awesome (especially since it was my first one!) but I suppose the key, like in music, is in knowing your audience. But I also have to admit that I think Kelley’s Flatt & Scruggs onesie was awfully good!

    Congrats Casey! I hope he wears them all in good health!

  5. Martin Bacon

    Ned’s is pretty much a perfect all purpose T-shirt logo. Kelly’s is a pretty great baby shirt. Can we get Ned’s on a T-shirt with “The Murphy Method”. on the back?

  6. Mark Heilman

    I agree with Marty. Hopefully won’t be needing any onesies anymore but a T-shirt would be great.

  7. Random Friendly Person

    Isn’t it funny that guys jump to the conclusion that babies are all about the guy?

  8. Steve (in Japan)

    Ha, ha, “guy,” that’s not so “funny.” You don’t understand that babies are all about the parents, family members and friends. We know who the mother is. So, Casey, who’s the baby’s daddy? Are you going to get married?

  9. Martin Bacon

    That T-shirt would be great for your upcoming banjo camp, but if you make em up, save one for me, Mens XL:)

  10. Cap Spence

    Steve (in Japan), None of your business, nor of ours. The fact that your question is unanswered should indicate this. Cap (in USA).

  11. Steve (in Japan)

    Alhambra & Cap Spence, right on. It’s none of your business. No, I’m not being “soooo rude.” The Henry family has always been open and friendly to all who participate in TMM, and Casey has always talked direct and sharp, at times, in her blogs. We’re a family of four here who see Casey on our TV screen on an almost daily basis. We feel as if we know her like a family member. But, yes, I should have written to her privately via email. Anyway, we support Casey and respect her.

    Casey, good luck to you and take care. Thanks for all the great lessons too. Sincerely, Steve (way over in Japan)

  12. Bobby Diebold

    You better hope the kid doesn’t come out and try to smack you in the head with that banjo. There have been times when I know my wife was tempted to do that, and she has the option of leaving the room πŸ™‚

  13. Steve (in Japan)

    Great comment Bobby. Finally someone, besides Tam and myself, read the “Tags:” portion below the blog. I’m too shy to talk like you though. Wish I could. You know this baby is gonna grow up to be a great bluegrass musician. He’s already surrounded by pros! What an advantage. And the music lives on!

  14. martha carlton


    I’ve always wondered why you and your family are in Japan. My son lived in Japn for a LONG time and speaks perfect Japanese. His wife is Japanese too. They now live in Potomac, MD. They have 3 year old twins, a boy and a girl who at this point only speak Japanese. I spent a month in Japan visiting my son quite a few years ago, and I met many of the bluegrass musicians there. It was SO MUCH fun. How far along in the MM are you? and with whom do you play in Japan? We were in Yokohama most of the time, but we went to many bluegrass clubs.

  15. Steve (in Japan)

    Howdy Martha,

    After lots of attempts and lost time, I wrote most of what I wanted to say to you in bits and pieces in Murphy’s blog, “Picking and Dancing.” It didn’t come as originally drafted, sorry about the mess. Thanks for your email address. I’d like to hear more about your son and about what he was doing in Yokohama. I’m close by to Yokohama and as you’ll read I worked there. Thanks again.

    – Steve

  16. Steve (in Japan)

    Martha, I want to correct the 2nd sentence to the above to read, “It didn’t come out as originally drafted.” I’m tired “out” too!

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