Dalton Whitfield Henry, With Pictures

Casey Henry

I know that Red shared the big news yesterday, but today I have pictures! Dalton was born August 31st at 7:41 p.m. and weighed in at 9 lbs 7 oz, 22 inches long.

Red, Casey, Dalton, and Murphy Henry

The proud mama and grandparents with the new addition to the Henry family. Dalton is almost exactly 48 hours old in this shot.

Dalton Henry

And here Dalton gets his first view of banjo picks, courtesy of Ned Luberecki. He doesn't look that impressed...

14 thoughts on “Dalton Whitfield Henry, With Pictures

  1. george

    CONGRATULATIONS CASEY! What a fine boy and a husky one at that! I like the name too! Dalton Whitfield Henry is going to be a name to watch! He will be famous one day as he already is! I am so glad for you and your family!
    Best regards, george from alaska!

  2. Tam

    Dalton’s first banjo lesson. I do hope Ned reminded him that the first thing all MM students must do is “Tune the banjo”

    How about putting a new song together and giving it the title Dalton Whitfield Henry’s Lullaby

    There you have it…

  3. Kathy Meade

    Congratulations Casey, he is a beautiful baby. hope you both are doing well! Cant wait to hear about him when Zac has a lesson with Murphy

  4. Ron Tyrie

    Congratulations Casey, He is a handsome lad and is sure to flourish is such a loving and talented environment.

  5. Dennis

    Dalton already seems to have good judgment. I’m not too impressed by Ned’s picks either. But I am impressed with what Ned DOES with them. 🙂

  6. Josh

    Congrats Casey! I became a dad 8 weeks ago and it has been the most amazing experience. Had I known that I could survive on 2 hours of sleep 10 years ago, I’d be alot better banjo player!!! 🙂 Best wishes to you and Dalton.

  7. Mark Heilman

    Congratulations Casey. I was thinking that Dalton already has a good bit of listening experience based on the amount custom lessons and camps you did this year.

  8. Murphy henry

    The proud Grandma is on Dalton duty right now at 10.48 PM Nashville time. Dalton is asleep in his cradle and Casey is trying to catch a few winks in another room. Since I can’t hardly (great ungrammatical phrase) play my banjo right now I am writing this from my Ipod. Dalton story: I was holding him yesterday in my left hand and playing the piano with my right. I was in the middle of “we’ll work till Jesus comes” and he spit up on me! I’m not sure if he didn’t like my playing or my choice of song! I’m sure you’ll be hearing many more Dalton stories in the future but for now…. There you have it!

  9. Becky Allanson

    I’m so glad I finally thought to check out the website…..was dying to see some pics of “The Baby-Dal (ton)”. Unbelieveably big baby boy! Congrats to all. And, Murphy, I’m pretty certain there’s no one else in whole wide world that you’d rather have spit up on you than your grandson! Hugs all round!

  10. Tony Mellichampe

    Congratulations Casey !…and a Big Ole Welcome to Mr. Dalton too.
    Another Picker for sure….Red & Murphy are Proud I betcha…My Best to you all.

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