What We’re Doing Now

Murphy Henry

As you can see, I’m trying to follow through on my pre-New Year’s Rez to blog more! But, frankly, not a lot has happened since yesterday! We worked hard at Casey’s new abode, unloading boxes, putting stuff on shelves, putting together beds, and cleaning her freezer. (I cleaned the fridge the day before!) We also listened to umpteen repititions of the John Hartford album Wild Hog in the Red Brush because that is what Casey uses to put Dalton to sleep by. And frankly, at this point, if I NEVER hear Buffalo Gals or Birdie again it would suit me just fine! (Just kidding, John, wherever you are!)


I told Casey I could work till 5 o’clock but after that she’d have to pay me overtime! So we quit about 5:30 and by then I was WAY too tired to go the old-time picking, even if David McLaughlin and his banjo were going to be there. (Notice how I worked that word “banjo” in? Slick, huh?) So instead I went home, fixed supper for Casey and me--a marvelously quick and tasty concoction of hamburger, onion, mustard, and ketchup all mixed together that you eat rolled up in a tortilla. Casey calls it a “deconstructed hamburger.” I learned about this from my West Virginia square dancing buddies who call it Mexican meat (politically incorrect, I know, but that’s what they call it!) It’s yummy. Then I retired to the TV room with my Corona to watch the last football game of the day, Cowboys v. Giants. I was so sleepy I only made it through the first quarter! I had to wait till today to find out that my team—the Giants, with quarterback Eli Manning (son of Archie)—won 37 to 34. Must have been a heck of a game. Wish I could have seen it!


So, now (Monday afternoon, after a dentist appointment and a workout) Casey and Dalton and I are headed back over to her house to do some more unloading! Red will join us there after he packs today’s Murphy Method orders. And that’s what we’re doing here in Winchester, Va. Hope you’re having a good day wherever you are!