Jingle Bells

Murphy Henry

Okay, something short and banjo-ey.
I’m teaching Bob Mc tonight and I decide—totally out of the blue--to go over the chords to Jingle Bells. He’s not learning to play the song, I just wanted to do the chords because it’s Christmas and who wants to chord Jingle Bells in July? And the chorus of Jingle Bells (in the key of G), being familiar to most everyone, is a great song to use to learn to hear the A chord (the 2 chord).
So we’re chording along, me on the guitar and Bob in his cap...whoops, I mean Bob on the banjo. (Sorry, that was a ref to The Night Before Christmas in case you didn’t realize it...) And Bob is doing pretty well. Not perfect, but good enough. He was “hearing” where the A chord came in, which was the whole point of the exercise, so it didn’t matter so much to me that he occasionally missed the second C chord.
When we had chorded through the song many, many times we quit so I could expostulate. I said, “When you’re playing in the key of G, the A chord is almost always followed by the D chord. 99 and 44/100% of the time it is.”
And Bob, being Bob, immediately said, “Why?”

And me, being me, said, “Because.”
And Bob, being Bob, thought about that for a few seconds and then (wisely) said, “Okay. I’ll accept that.”
And I said, “Good thing, because I have no idea why that is. It just is.”
Just wanted you to know I do occasionally play the banjo and blog about the banjo!