Blogging Before Supper

Murphy Henry

Just got finished with my lessons for the day and am looking forward to supper! (No idea what it will be but there is some leftover bow tie pasta in the fridge....there is also some “deconstructed hamburger” which is sounding pretty good right now!)
We moved the last of Casey’s stuff into her house today! When we came back from Georgia over Thanksgiving, we had brought a U-Haul full of furniture from my parents’ house. Some of it I am keeping, but a good deal of it went to Casey, including my Grandmother Murphy’s old pine wardrobe (BIG!), her old pie safe (falling apart but fix-up-able), old high chair that all of us girls and many of the grandkids sat in, the old brown rocker (mentioned in my song “When My Mama Sang To Me,”) and all the furniture from the room that we, for over forty years, called the “nursery.” All of that got unloaded into our studio, which is where I teach. Needless to say, things have been a little crowded in there for these last few weeks.
But no more! Today the movers came and took it all away!  It’s at Casey’s house now! Yea! And while they were here, I got them to move the furniture that I inherited into a space other than the middle of the living room! Where it’s been since Thanksgiving! This required some major rearranging, since there was already furniture in the places where these new pieces were going. But the movers did a magnificent job of helping me rearrange. So a Big Shout Out to Pug Movers of Winchester, Va. If you ever need anything moved, give them a call.
I followed the moving truck into Casey’s house where I fixed us a quick sandwich and spent some quality time with my grandson, Dalton, while Casey did a few things. He slept (in my arms!) for a little while, then played for a little while—watching his mobile, reaching for his Sneaky Snake rattle (named after a Tom T. Hall song), and doing his sitting up exercises. (I pull him up gently into a sitting position and he holds on to my fingers while he sits there for a few minutes. Too cute!)
Then I left to go back to my house where I did some Christmas shopping by phone and internet. It is 11 days before Christmas and I have bought only ONE PRESENT! Okay, two. Okay, three if you count the rattles I bought for Dalton today at Wal-Mart. But I know I won’t be able to wait till Christmas to give them to him!
Oh, well. I’ll either get them bought or I won’t. I imagine I’ll find a few things. And now, I hear my tummy prodding me toward that supper I was talking about. Catch you later!

4 thoughts on “Blogging Before Supper

  1. admin

    A piece of kitchen furniture that they used before refrigeration to keep the flies off pies, and other food. Wooden with a punched-metal front to let air circulate, but not insects!


  2. Gary Flood(THE CAPTAIN)

    Murphy and Casey,

    Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and Dalton on his first. I really enjoy your blog. I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed your camp in October it was just great. Hope to get back for another. Happy Holidays


  3. Jim Hand

    My grandparents had one also, my uncle has it, I think. I DO have a wooden highchair that 4 generations of my family has now used, kinda cool.

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