Dalton’s Report on Banjo Camp Weekend

Dalton Henry

I see that my mama Casey and my Grandma Murphy had a fine time teaching people good things at Banjo Camp. While they were doing that, my Granddaddy and I spent three whole days together, and I had a fine time teaching him good things too. Here are some of them:

1. Always keep a baby-towel around to wipe up incidents. ALWAYS! It is most inconvenient for me to need one, and then find out that Granddaddy does not have one handy.

2. Some people just don't want to take their nap. This shows developing attributes of personal pride, determination, and independence of thought. (Especially in future banjo players!)

3. Keep things well out of my reach while the grownups are having their own supper! (A whole bowl of soup all over the kitchen floor-- along with the broken soup bowl-- was my most impressive accomplishment for the whole weekend! And it was fun to see Granddaddy scrambling around to clean it up.)

I was going to list some more things, but I have forgotten what they were. They will just have to wait until next time. Anyway, my Granddaddy and I had a fine time and we are looking forward to the next one. And I would write more, but 'scuse me now because it's time for my bottle.

Best regards,

Dalton Henry

3 thoughts on “Dalton’s Report on Banjo Camp Weekend

  1. Steve (in Japan)

    You did well, Dalton. You’ll be working in the Shipping and Receiving Department one day. I think you’re being recruited.

  2. Tam

    Oh.. Oh

    Granddaddy having to renew all his parenting skills I see. Don’t you find you need to be a bit quicker of the mark with this new generation Red? My five grandkids run circles round me. Whatever you do don’t let Dalton anywhere near the TV controller or you can kiss goodbye to the Superbowl for the next ten years.. Kids TV will dominate the viewing from here on in.. Ha ha

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