Digital Downloads Update

Casey Henry

It's been a while since we've mentioned our digital downloads. We were a bit slow to get the new products digitized, but they're ready now! The newest batch of downloads is ready to go. You can now download these fine DVDs (in addition to all the others already in the catalog):

Harmony Singing Made Easy

Banjo Backup for Fiddle Tunes

Jam Session Standards

Advanced Earl

More Advanced Earl - [Side note: WHAT am I wearing?!! And WHO let that hideous outfit be captured for all posterity?]

Ralph Stanley Style Banjo - [Side note: This was filmed during my blonde phase. Argh!! What was I thinking??!]

Casey's Christmas Collection - Since this contains my homemade lessons it is only available directly from The Murphy Method, not through other retailers who carry our digital products.

Also, Leaping Brain (our downloads partner) has been busy improving their video player. You can now put your videos on all your different computers. You can play your downloads on all Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or stream it on Apple TV). The player also now features a looping function so you can play one lick over and over. AND you can SLOW DOWN or SPEED UP the video, without changing the pitch, which is especially helpful for the slow and fast jam DVDs if we play them too fast or two slow to suit you.

We have a new demo movie that explains all these functions. You can watch it right here.

Or you can go straight to the catalog and start shopping!