Chris Henry’s Documentary: Formlessness Into Form, Part 4

Here is part four of Chris's documentary on creativity. (Here, here, and here are the first three parts

Or, you can watch it On You Tube.

This last part focuses on personal experience in creativity, the value of mistakes, creativity of children, the power of words, cadence, rhythm, H.T. Odum, motivation for beginners, channeling frustration, community, using influences, the unconscious, and much more. New characters are Murphy Henry, Sarah Sellari, Red Henry, Marshall Wilborn, Chris Lovelace, and David McLaughlin. Also more great interview from Dale Crider, Peter Rowan, Grisman elder and younger, Tim O'Brien, Darrell Scott, Buddy Spicher, Amanda Contreras, Chris Scruggs, and many more. And watch out for Casey and Dalton making a brief cameo appearance - Enjoy!