Custom Lesson Update

Casey Henry

So, it's been forever since I've posted the recent additions to my custom lesson list. There are a bunch! These, as always, can be ordered straight from my website.


  • Blackjack (A) Watch clip. - A JD Crowe classic!
  • Cold Frosty Morning (I) Watch clip. - An old-time tune.
  • Doin' My Time (I) Watch clip. - Earl's break, of course!
  • Endings (I) (Watch full lesson on YouTube.) This lesson has the ending I use on "Roanoke" on the Blackberry Blossom DVD, the ending Murphy uses on "Cripple Creek" on the Slow Jam DVD, and an extra bonus melodic ending.
  • How Great Thou Art (Alternate Version) (A) Watch clip. This is a somewhat modified version of Jim Mills's arrangement.
  • I'm Using My Bible for A Roadmap (Backup) (I) Watch clip. Some rolling/vamping backup to this bluegrass classic.
  • I Still Write Your Name in the Snow (A) Watch clip. This is a funny Chet Atkins song.
  • Mountain Dew (Lead plus Backup) (I) Watch clip. This is an alternate break. The song is on the Jam Session Standards DVD, but this is a little harder break, and also some rolling backup.
  • Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer (I) Watch clip. An intermediate arrangement of this Christmas tune. The full lesson was up for a while after Christmas. This is just the clip and I hope to collect it onto another Christmas Collection DVD at the end of the year.
  • Sledd Ridin' (A) Watch clip. Sonny Osborne recorded this first, but this is Jim Mills's arrangement.
  • Sunny Side of Life (I) Watch clip. A nice straightforward arrangement of this popular number.
  • Take Five (RA) Watch clip. This was one of the most challenging songs I've ever learned. 5/4 time!!
  • Wandering Boy (I) Watch clip. Bluegrass class in the key of G.

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