Custom Lesson Update

Casey Henry

I continue to slowly add to my list of custom lessons that are available to order. There is a wide range in this batch--from Earl to Bela! These can be ordered directly from my website.

  • Birds and Ships (A) Watch clip. - This is a slow, pretty song, in the key of D.
  • Catfish John (in C) (I) Watch clip. - This is a bluegrass standard, not sure where it came from originally, though. In the key of C (where girls sing it!)
  • Foggy Mountain Chimes (A) Watch clip. - One of Earl's classic tunes.
  • Out In The Rain (I) Watch clip. - A song from the band the Duhks.
  • Sunshine On My Shoulders (I) Watch clip. - A feel-good John Denver classic.
  • Take Me In A Lifeboat (Earl's Break) (A) Watch clip. - This is Earl's kickoff break from Flatt and Scruggs original recording.
  • The Wind That Shakes The Barley (RA) Watch clip. - This is a somewhat simplified arrangement of a single-string Irish tune, taken from Bela Fleck's playing.

And here are three new clips. The lessons have been around for a while (as you can see from the background, they were recorded at my Nashville house several years ago). When I started doing these lessons I wasn't pulling out clips. Now I'm going back and trying to get all the old lessons on YouTube as well.

Bugle Call Rag (A) Watch clip. - Another Earl tune.

Eight More Miles To Louisville (I) Watch clip. - My own arrangement.

Blue Ridge Cabin Home (I) Watch clip. - Earl's first break from the F&S recording.

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