Tip Jar Jam: Your Chair, My Chair

Murphy Henry

Murphy Henry

I'm writing this on the plane to Portland!! On my iPhone. In airplane mode of course. Trying to learn to text with TWO thumbs. Like Kasey!

On Monday I had asked Ben to relight the pilot on my gas logs which had gone out. That's another story involving Logan and his unfamiliarity with gas heat! When I got to my teaching place Tuesday I saw the pilot light burning brightly. I also saw that Ben had moved HIS chair to the warm spot in front of the fireplace. My place! He had put a piece of paper in the seat that read "Ben's seat. " Then he had taken my chair--my special big-butt chair-- and placed it across the room where he usually sits. The paper in that chair read "Murphy's seat."


I certainly couldn't let THAT go! So Wednesday night before the jam I took "Ben's seat" and set it out on the little porch in front of the front door. Where it was very cold! He was totally appreciative of the return gesture. At least it didn't have a goat tied to it. But that's ANOTHER story which you won't hear from me. Come to one of our camps and ask Ben about it!

Okay. Thumbs tired now. This may be all the blog you get today. We will see. Time to tuck into my Jonathan Kellerman novel.

Chow. Oh shoot. I don't know how to save this to drafts. I hope it doesn't go away when I turn off my phone. Is it okay to hit send when my phone is in airplane mode?? I need Casey!!!! I don't think I should hit cancel. Decision: I will do nothing and see what happens.

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  1. Butch Black

    Hope you had a safe and enjoyable flight into Portland. We criss – crossed. On your side of the country now for a few months, so hopefully be able to attend your March camp in Winchester. 🙂
    Butch B.

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