Tip Jar Jam: Keep Your Hand On The Gospel Plow

Murphy Henry

Murphy Henry

I've been trying to write this blog about the Wednesday night jam--which turned out to be all women--for two days, but it's just not happening. As Jim Croce sings, "Every time I try to tell you, the words just come out wrong..." [Confession: I thought that was an Elton John song. Google set me straight!] 

So, ladies--Kathy H, Kristina, Diane, and Steph--we laughed a lot, we picked a lot, we had some great three-part harmony, and we tried out some new songs: Gentle On My Mind; a gender-flipped version of Dooley (no reason a woman can't be a moonshiner!), and Paul and Silas Bound In Jail All Night Long. These are probably keepers, so heads up all you Jammers! And we mentioned Mae West. There. That's it in a tiny nutshell. 

Now, about that blog title: Son Chris has been touring in Australia for the past month with his band the Hard Core Grass. (He'll be back for Thanksgiving. Yea!) I've been trying to keep in touch by messaging him through Facebook, which has been quite the learning curve for me! (I'm really into emoticons now! Who knew you could scroll sideways and find so many??)

When I message him, which is every day, I try to find something different to say other than "miss you, love you, it's really cold here, hope you are feeling better, it's hard leading a band, can't wait to see you, xoxo, Momma." So while I was writing today's morning missive this song fragment popped into my mind, "Keep your hand on the gospel plow and hold on!" This is an honest-to-goodness bluegrass song, but one I rarely think of. I thought it might be an appropriate song of strength and fortitude to send to Chris at the end of a long tour. Imagine my surprise when he messaged back almost immediately: "Wow! That's so synchronous! We sang that song last night for the only time on the tour!" OMG! I love stuff like that. It sure makes me think that everything in the universe IS connected! (Isn't that String Theory or something like that????)

Bob's chair, complete with duct tape. Miss ya, Bobby.

Bob's chair, complete with duct tape. Miss ya, Bobby.

Back to the jam: I will close with a picture of Bob's chair, complete with duct tape. (I explained that in previous blog!) Bobby, you would have loved being at what you would have called a "hen party." You would have called us "hens" and I would have said, "Don't call us hens!" And you would have said.....well, let's not even go there! We're missing you at the jams! Hurry back!

Remember: NO JAM the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. See you on December 3!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. ralph quintiliano

    dear murphy, I have been teaching myself for about two years. I practice for a couple hours every day. I love the banjo and am totally addicted to its sound. the problem I am having is that I am completely reliant on tab. when I close my book my mind goes blank. it is a little discouraging. I am having an easier time with clawhammer style. I am an older player (60) any advice. Ralph in Connecticut.

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