Casey and Chris Christmas Album–The Backstory

Ten years ago when Casey and Chris were living in Nashville, struggling along as musicians without much ready cash, they decided to record a Christmas album for their family. After a couple of practices to decide which songs to include, the two of them gathered around Chris's computer in the living room of his apartment and laid down eight tradtional Christmas carols (instrumentals) and one Stanley Brothers' Christmas song with Chris on guitar and Casey on banjo.

The relatives loved it. (Murphy got tears in her eyes.) There were no plans to ever release this album commercially. Except for family and friends, no one has heard it. Every Christmas when Murphy first listens to it she calls both Casey and Chris to tell them how much she likes it and how good it is. (And she still gets choked up!)

When trying to think of a present for our customers we remembered this album. It has never been sold. The ONLY way to get this CD is as part of this free gift promotion. We thought it would be the perfect way to say "Thank You" to our students for sticking with us and keeping us in business all these years!

Every order this week (Dec 7-13, 2014) will include a free copy of the Casey and Chris Christmas album. Physical orders will get a CD in the package. Download orders will receive an email with the audio files.

3 thoughts on “Casey and Chris Christmas Album–The Backstory

  1. Murphy Henry

    I got my own personal copy out yesterday and listened to it on my drive up I 81. Instead of tears, I got all smiley! Such happy happy music. Casey’s single-string banjo work is amazing (she plays the melody!!!) and Chris’s guitar breaks still leave me scratching my head and wondering “How does he do that?” Every year, in the same two places, I think he has fallen out of time and every year he comes back in perfectly! And every year, I find myself tapping my hands on my legs and counting the beats, trying to “hear” how he’s doing what he’s doing. You would think after 10 years I would have figured it out! They end the CD by singing Ralph Stanley’s Christmas Time Is Near on which Casey out-Ralph’s Ralph on her break. How wonderful it is to have raised two kids who “get it” about Ralph, and Earl, and Bill, and George Shuffler and Jack Cooke. Blessed we are!

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