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Casey HenryOne of the gals in my At Least We're Hot picking group (which I've previously written about here) just got a new banjo and we're all very excited. Connie's husband Jeremy surprised her with it as a Christmas/Birthday/Anniversary present. Made by Chuck Lee, down in Texas, it is a beautiful instrument that plays wonderfully.

Here are Connie and I at our jam last Saturday... (Photo by Myrna Talbot.)

Connie Garrett and Casey
Connie wrote a nice story about her new prize possession on Chuck Lee's Blog. Up to now she's just played rhythm clawhammer (bum-diddy, bum-diddy) but, inspired by this banjo she's got "Old Joe Clark" down I think, and maybe "Angelina Baker," which is our biggest hit, by the way. We look forward to hearing them at our Hottie Christmas Party on Monday!

Chuck Lee, coincidentally, says this: "We own a bunch of the Murphy Method videos (guitar-bass-fiddle-mandolin-banjo), most of the older music cassettes by your parents and family.  I learned my first three-finger banjo songs with your mother and I learned my first clawhammer songs with your mother and Lynn Morris.  Your family has had a positive impact on my family.  Thank you." We're always happy to spread the music!

I now must go and finish putting up my Christmas tree!