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Here is part four of Chris's documentary on creativity. (Here, here, and here are the first three parts

Or, you can watch it On You Tube.

This last part focuses on personal experience in creativity, the value of mistakes, creativity of children, the power of words, cadence, rhythm, H.T. Odum, motivation for beginners, channeling frustration, community, using influences, the unconscious, and much more. New characters are Murphy Henry, Sarah Sellari, Red Henry, Marshall Wilborn, Chris Lovelace, and David McLaughlin. Also more great interview from Dale Crider, Peter Rowan, Grisman elder and younger, Tim O'Brien, Darrell Scott, Buddy Spicher, Amanda Contreras, Chris Scruggs, and many more. And watch out for Casey and Dalton making a brief cameo appearance - Enjoy!

Part Three of Chris Henry's documentary is now up for viewing. If you missed them you can find parts one and two here.

Part Three focuses on the dynamics of creative expectations, creating for an audience, the psychic/telepathic connection between creators, the editing process, aboriginal songlines, impacts of technology and urbanization on creativity, parallels with ecology, environmental influences, the balance of art and commerce, birth and death, using secondary or unfamiliar tools, Bill Monroe, and more.
New characters include Darrell Scott, Todd Phillips, and Roni Stoneman.

Part Two of Chris's extensive documentary exploring creativity with a focus on flow and dreaming is now up. (If you missed it, part one is here.)

Or watch on YouTube.

The full cast of characters up to date now reads, in no particular order:

Alan O'Bryant, Sam Bush, Billy Contreras, Billy Smith, Ed Griffin, Michael Manning, David Grisman, Dale Crider, Billy Sandlin, Sam Grisman, Tuck Tucker, Julie Lee, Tim O'Brien, Dave Ferguson, Verlon Thompson, Chris Hill, Matt Combs, Rob Ickes, Larry Atamanuik, Angel Snow, Bela Fleck, Richard Brown, Matt Flinner, Rachel VanSlyke, Amanda Contreras, Benita Hill, Marty Raybon, Mike Compton, Adam Olmstead, Andy Hall, Shad Cobb, John Hedgecoth, Susie Coleman, Kirk Pickering, Rocky Alvey, Ashleigh Caudill, Milly Raccoon, Tim Roberts, Brittany Haas, Dominick Leslie, Phoebe Hunt, Tommy Oliverio, Jenna Hutton, Milly Raccoon, and Mike Bub.

This part explores goals of creativity, the healing aspect of music, creating in front of an audience, working from scratch, the significance of water as a creative symbol, and the connection between dreams and creativity.

Or watch on YouTube.

"Formlessness Into Form" is a documentary exploring creativity with a focus on flow and dreaming. Through over forty interviews with some of Nashville's most creative minds, a narrative emerges starting with where the energy comes from, how it feels to work with it, what can be good and bad for flow, what creating with others can be like, the advantages and journey of finding one's own voice, how the ego plays into the process, on down to specific advice for folks just beginning to consciously unlock their own creativity.

I wanted to facilitate introducing some of my favorite people to more folks who haven’t had the opportunity to know the most interesting characters in the Nashville bluegrass community. It was also a reason for me to go and visit with some of my best friends and have an interesting conversation!