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Murphy HenryAll four Henry’s congregated in Nashville this weekend for Red’s birthday picking party at the World Famous Station Inn. Here are some pictures of us doing what we like to do best: pick!
The Station Inn

The  World Famous Station Inn

Birthday Cake
Red’s Birthday Cake

Chris, Red, John
The picking gets started! L-R: Chris Henry, Red Henry, John Hedgecoth (Red’s uncle), Gary Hunt (back to camera)

Chris, Murphy, Red

Ralph Stanley Rules! L-R: Chris Henry, Murphy, Red

Hicks Sisters

The Hicks Sisters, Murphy’s sibs: Laurie (peeking around guitar), Nancy, Argen, Murphy. Male persons: Mike Johnson (Argen’s hubby) on guitar, Cap Spence on banjo.

The huge jam

Huge picking circle. Too many to name!

Forrester Boys and Murphy

Murphy hugging on Joe Forrester, one of her favorite people. Bob Forrester, Joe’s nephew, also one of Murphy’s favorite people, grinning like a possum up a gum stump. Joe played bass with Bill Monroe and the Blue Grass Boys in 1945, when Earl was in the band. Bob is the son of Howdy and Billie (Sally Ann) Forrester, both of whom played with Monroe. Howdy played fiddle, Sally Ann accordion. Murphy considers Sally Ann to be the first women in bluegrass.

(Photos by Casey Henry, which is why I'm not in any of them!)