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Here are some clips from YouTube that you may not have seen. (Or you may have if you're an inveterate haunter of YouTube.) This first one comes from The Music Box Project, an oral history project compiling stories of women who play traditional music. Murphy and Red play Murphy's original song "When My Mama Sang To Me" in their studio in Winchester, VA.

This second clip is from the Spirit of the Suwanee festival in 1989. Red and Murphy sing "East Virginia Blues" with Karen Spence on tenor and playing bass, George Custer on fiddle, and Tuck Tucker on dobro.

This third clip is from the same festival. It's Murphy's song "How They Loved to Sing"

Casey Henry

I filmed these tunes as part of a video oral history project on women who play traditional music, which is being made by a woman named Dyann Arthur. It's called the Music Box Project. She is interviewing women all around the country. Although she'd talked to several clawhammer players, I was the first Scruggs-style player she had included. She has an interview scheduled with Murphy later on this summer. This is the title tune from my CD, "Real Women Drive Trucks." I wish that I had been able to get my banjo into more perfect tune, but I had to drop it into D tuning that morning, and it really needs at least a day to acclimate before it starts sounding right.

Casey HenryFor your viewing pleasure, we've extracted another clip from the new Easy Songs for Banjo DVD. This one is the bloopers. Mostly, it's just me and Murphy cracking up.

Casey HenryToday we posted a new clip from our Picking Up The Pace: More Slow Jamming with Murphy and Casey DVD. Here 'tis. If, for some reason it doesn't show up here, I pasted the link below.


I especially liked the comments. It's always nice to know that someone thinks you're a "hottie".

Red HenryHello, Folks---Today I just thought you'd like to see a couple of video clips from a 1989 performance by Red and Murphy & Co. We were performing on stage at the Spirit of the Suwanee festival, in north Florida, along with our friends Karen Spence, Tuck Tucker and George Custer:

First, you'll see us singing that old favorite, "East Virginia Blues":


(Band personnel: Murphy Henry, banjo; Red Henry, guitar; George Custer, fiddle; Karen Spence, bass; and Tuck Tucker, dobro.)

...and here we are performing Murphy's original song, "How They Loved to Sing":


---Many thanks to Butch Burns, producer of the Bottom Dollar Bluegrass TV shows in Tallahassee, for sending us these clips. Happy listening!

Here is a sample from our "Wildwood Flower" DVD (formerly titled "Playing in C Volume 1"). This DVD introduces how to play in the key of C without using a capo or retuning. It has the title song, as well as several others, including this one seen in the clip, "Do Lord."